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After World War II, the nation found itself facing a mood of deep seated social segregation it could no longer tolerate or afford. Yet the South, confidently proclaimed itself to be the new plus ultra (uppermost limits ) of Southern tolerance. Thus, was born the Civil Rights movement- a period of the most difficult but necessary struggle to topple the crumbling walls segregation had erected between Americans who had fought- and died together.

Although the lives of African Americans were now changing for the good, and a few victories had been won, schools were still segregated under the “separate but equal” theory- and equal housing had yet to become a reality.

The postwar years indeed gave African Americans inspiration, confidence, strength and hope for a better America. The United Nations had been formed, and Ralph J. Bunche had become the United Nations Division Trustee. African Americans were gaining better paying jobs, and the Supreme Court had finally passed a ruling that restrictive covenants and private agreement to exclude persons of designated race from the ownership of real property were not enforceable under the law.

This is what drove the men and women who met in Tampa, Florida, on the sweltering night of July 29, 1947, to form the National Association of Real Estate Brokers- NAREB.

Word soon spread, and NAREB’s first convention was held at the Convention Hall in Atlantic City, NJ, on July 19-20, 1948.

It was a resounding success- a moment of synergy when men and women across the country were able to come together to voice their opinions as one- and to take a stand against inequity and injustice.

Since then, NAREB and its REALTISTS® have gone on to win victory after victory in support of equal housing opportunities for all.

We are an association proud of our past, relentless in our struggle, and 100% dedicated to the REALTIST® creed- Democracy in Housing.

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Democracy In Housing

We Are Committed To Professional Education And Training As Well As Economic Opportunities For Our Members And Communities.


About This Event

Nareb Region 1 - New England Real Estate industry Masters awardsThe New England Real Estate industry Masters awards, conceived by the National Association of Real Estate Brokers Region 1, in collaboration with several of its partners to identify, recognize, promote and reward industry leaders who work diligently and incessantly in support of a cause that impacts us all. Democracy in Housing and equality for all is that common cause.

The program currently recognizes six key disciplines (sales, management, development, appraisers, surveyors, attorneys, and lenders) in the real estate arena as well as those who work to develop public policy, the community at-large and those private financial institutions and the unsung heroes, who strive to understand our purpose and support the ideals of our organization as industry professionals.

The Program demonstrates the enormous economic opportunity available to our lending partners while supporting the stability of communities, the potential in all the disciplines represented for membership growth and development, the value of community support and contributions, the impact public policy through legislation and the outstanding way in which the National Association of Real Estate Brokers transforms communities and the lives of those professionals who dare to engage to make a difference.

This program will continue with your support as long as it continues to meet its objective of promoting opportunities and cause for Democracy in Housing with equality for all.

Richard C. Phipps

Regional Vice President, NAREB Region 1

Nareb Region 1 - Richard C. Phipps Richard entered the exciting world of real estate and finance in 1977. He is deeply involved in the community as member of several organizations, such as National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB), the National Association of Realtors (NAR), National Association of Tax Practitioners (NATP), National Association of Barbados Organizations (NABO), Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD-Mattapan).

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