NAREB Region 1 Real Estate Industry Master's Awards Criteria

Real Estate Industry Masters Awards: REIMA Awards

Real Estate Salesperson Award

  • License in Good Standing
  • 3+ years
  • Sales Volume of Business more than 5 million a yr
  • Top producer in this category
  • No outstanding or unfavorable complaints against them from the real estate board.

Real Estate Broker Award

  • Broker/Manager of 3+
  • License in Good Standing
  • Sales Volume of Business
  • Must belong civic/community organization
  • Must be a leader in the market place.

Armed Service Veteran Community Outreach and Advocacy Award

  • Honorable Discharge from military or active duty/ reservist
  • More than 10yrs of community outreach, advocacy or housing service to the veteran community.

NAREB Regional Vice President Award Region 1

  • Individual who has supported NAREB financially or as a volunteer.
  • Excellence in performance, sales, customer service in more than 1 location

George Guscott

  • Outstanding performance award in commercial real estate property management
  • Bio,

Walter A. Little Award

  • Distinguished award community, city, state
  • For excellence in profitable real estate development and production of affordable housing award

Top Producer Award

  • Professionals in good standing as well as production
  • Number of Transactions Will Be Considered

Runner up Producer Award

  • 2nd in the evaluation process

Mortgage Finance Award

  • Must be individuals or institutions providing products and service to communities of color, which they serve.
  • Cannot engage in redlining or deceptive trade practices.
  • Based on Production and/or the Number of Clients Served.

Allied Member of the Year

  • Home Inspectors/Title Companies or Legal/Appraisers/Insurance Agents or Brokers/General Contractors/Architects
  • Appropriately Licensed in Good Standing
  • Community Contributors

Lending Institution Awards

  • Residential Mortgage Specialist Award
    • The Most Financial Lending to Minorities
    • The Most Financial Lending to African Americans
  • Residential Mortgage Lending Institution Award
    • The Most Financial Lending to Minorities
    • The Most Financial Lending to African Americans
  • Small Business/Commercial
    • Lender Providing the Most Loans in The Minority Community
    • The Most Loans to Minority Communities to Support Commercial Development.
    • Demonstrated the greatest increase in service to minority community.

Real Estate Instructor of the year

  • Must be a licensed instructor actively providing classes in the last year at one of the private institutions or colleges

Real Estate Housing Counseling Award

  • Certification as a Housing Counselor
  • Experience in Having Helped Home Owners Through the Loan Modification Process to a new and affordable contract.
  • Foreclosure Prevention Counseling
  • Loss Mitigation Counseling
  • First Time Buyer Counseling
  • Need 10 People in Each Category Verifiable by HUD 109902 or other reliable data